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Diablo 4 Beta Guide – Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Diablo 4 Beta Guide – Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make – In this Diablo 4 Beta Beginner Guide, I’m going to break down the different mistakes you shouldn’t make to save you time during the Beta period. If you’re looking for effective ways to quickly get started in Diablo IV, then this guide is for you!

We’ve edited this Diablo 4 Beta Guide in order to be consistent with the upcoming Server Slam open beta as there have been a few tweaks to a couple of game systems.

Diablo 4 Guide – Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

In Diablo 4’s Beta, players will be able to experience the Prologue and Act 1 of the game together with some notable features such as some of the World Tier Difficulties, Equipment upgrades, Stats and Attributes for each of the Classes, and more. Given the short Beta period, you’ll want to know the tips and tricks to make the most out of your time in the game. And so without further ado, let’s start with the ways in which you can level up quickly!

Diablo 4 Beta Guide – Leveling Up with Haste

There are several things you can do to efficiently reach the max level of 20 in the Server Slam (the previous max level was 25). First, you may be tempted to start out the game’s difficulty on World Tier I (Adventurer) in order to destroy mobs and Bosses quickly. However, World Tier II (Veteran) isn’t all that difficult, save for a few encounters depending on your Class. Going straight into Veteran Mode for the increased experience and gold gains will be much more efficient as well as a welcoming challenge. The difficulty is initially selected in the game’s Character Selection, but you can freely change tiers in Kyovashad’s World Tier Statue just northeast of the Waypoint, to test it out.

Diablo IV Beta Beginner Guide - World Tier II (Veteran)

Second, participating in Local Events with random people will only grant a 5% experience boost. So instead, you should party up with a friend to get the most XP bonus possible, which is 10%. Not only do you both receive the same bonuses but defeating enemies will be much easier and faster, as a result.

Third, you can craft various Elixirs at the local Alchemist using the various herbs that you pick up. These Consumables’ main uses are to buff your defensive and offensive capabilities for 30 minutes per potion, but they also have the useful side effect of granting a small bonus to XP gain. This, alongside the Difficulty Mode and party bonuses, should stack up quite significantly by up to 35%! Although, do note that you can only have one Elixir active at a time.

Diablo IV Beta Beginner Guide - Consuming Elixirs to Level Up

Fourth, in addition to the usual Quests, you should make it a point to complete Side Dungeons or Strongholds since they provide a lot of XP even though they’re quite long. Because of this, your level progresses at a faster rate since it can increase by more than half, especially when you’re doing these activities with a buddy.

Finally, remember to press “M” followed by “W” to view your Region Progress, which signifies your Renown Value or how much of Fractured Peaks you’ve discovered. So as long as you achieve the number of points required per category, each character can claim bonus XP and gold. There are tons of activities in the Fractured Peaks area alone, so you’re sure to stumble upon a lot of things that will boost your Renown organically without having to grind.

Diablo IV Beta Beginner Guide - Renown

Diablo 4 Beta Guide – Salvaging Items and Carefully Choosing Them

Do not make the mistake of selling any of your items since you can easily earn gold by participating in Local Events and Side Dungeons, and instead, it’s better to salvage them. Doing so will allow you to stockpile raw materials, which you’ll then need in order to upgrade or imprint Equipment in the future.

Diablo IV Beta Beginner Guide - Salvaging Items

Furthermore, you’ll want to save all of your Legendary Items since you can extract their affixes in the form of Aspects at The Occultist. This is going to be highly valuable since you’ll definitely need them should you decide to switch Builds. However, do note that Aspects can only be used once. For instance, if you’ve already imprinted it into an item, but you prefer the next item you’ve recently got, you won’t be able to re-extract that same Aspect again.

In terms of Equipment upgrades, it’s not a good idea to wear Armor and wield Weapons simply because the initial stats screen shows green bonuses. If you spent enough time playing Diablo 3, then the green value would make you immediately think that this would be an overall DPS increase. However, this is wrong for Diablo 4. For instance, if you’re playing the Barbarian Class and you have Pants, which has a higher Armor Rating, hence the green bonus, but it also contains the Intelligence Attribute, you’re better off with a different pair featuring better affixes. These include increased Physical Damage, Damage Reduction, Strength, Willpower, or Dexterity since Intelligence will not grant any offensive benefit to the Barbarian.

Equipment Upgrades

Last but not least, you’ll want to enable both “Advanced Tooltip Compare” to give you a more detailed breakdown of your item comparisons. You gain a full summary of what you’ll receive and lose when changing Equipment pieces, which helps with decision-making.

The Significance of Attributes and the Altars of Lilith

Attributes provide different offensive bonuses to certain Classes. Strength increases the skill damage for the Barbarian, Dexterity for the Rogue, and Intelligence for the Sorceror. However, keep in mind that Strength has no offensive bonuses whatsoever to the Sorceror. The same applies to Intelligence for Barbarians. Each Attribute also provides a defensive bonus. For example, a point of Strength increases Armor by 1, Intelligence raises elemental resistance by 0.05%, Willpower improves healing received, and Dexterity provides a small amount of dodge.

Barbarian's Intelligence Attribute

Next, you might wonder if the Altars of Lilith are worth the trouble to find may their bonuses may seem extremely small at first glance. They provide +2 to one of your primary Stats, +8 to Maximum Life, or +5 to Maximum Obols, which is a currency used for item gambling. While it starts out very minuscule, this quickly adds up the more statues you discover. Additionally, the stat bonus is account wide so that means any alt characters you make moving forward will get a nice boost right out of the gate. In fact, the Fractured Peaks alone has 28 of these landmarks to find.

Altar of Lilith

Maximizing Classes and Skills

In connection to Classes, it’s important to not start with the Barbarian if your intention is to test out their Expertise Class Feature or the Arsenal System. Unfortunately, the Weapon Technique Perk isn’t available in the Beta build of the game. Its corresponding Quest, which is Masters of Battle is located in the Dry Steppes outside of Fractured Peaks. Although, it’s worth noticing that the Weapon Passive Effects are available. This means that using the same Weapons over and over again will grant multiple perks the higher their ranks are. Additionally, Barbarians tend to have some difficulty in the Side Dungeon and Bosses but it isn’t completely unmanageable.

Barbarian's Arsenal System

Next for this Diablo 4 Beta Guide, avoid spreading your Skills too thin. You only have about 21 Skill points available in the Server Slam Beta, which is a combination of leveling up to 20 as well as claiming Renown rewards. As such, you should ideally invest in only one Basic Skill and one Core Skill. These will act as your bread-and-butter abilities, with one costing no resources (or in the case of Barbarian, generates Fury), and the other being your spender.

You also do not need to invest too many points in the base versions of your selected Skills either. There are a lot of abilities that provide tons of utility even with only 1 point invested into them, such as the Rogue’s Poison Trap or the Barbarian’s Leap. The ensnare and movement effects are more than enough of a return on investment.

On the other hand, it can be tempting to just pour your skill points into your active abilities, and their enhancements as well as one of the exclusive upgrades. But be sure not to skimp on the other purely passive nodes in your Skill Tree. For example, the Rogue’s Weapon Mastery, Exploit, and Malice as well as the Barbarian’s Pit Fighter, for example, provide significant damage bonuses, especially at level 3.

Rogue's Weapon Mastery

You can also easily pre-plan your Build by making use of the Keyword Search in the Skills Menu. Here, you’re able to highlight key features, which you want to make use of for your playstyle. For instance, you can select all of the skill nodes that have an effect on the Barbarian’s Berserking, making it easier to plan ahead. You can also quickly find nodes that have special status effects, such as Bleed, Poison, or Vulnerable. The keywords displayed will always only be relevant to the current Class.

Barbarian's Berserking Keyword

And finally for this Diablo 4 Beta Guide, be sure to enable “Advanced Tooltip Information” in the Options Menu, under Gameplay. This will give you more numbers and a breakdown of the majority of your abilities.

Bonus Tips for the Server Slam!

One more thing to note in this Diablo 4 Beta Guide is that you should maximize your time in the upcoming  Diablo 4 Server Slam beta period. Blizzard is already implementing some of the greatly-requested fixes and improvements,

Players should strive to complete the following objectives during the last open beta period, especially if they intend to play during the full release.

  • Enter the city of Kyovashad by completing the Prologue
  • Reach Level 20
  • Seek out and defeat the world boss Ashava

Doing so will award players with a cute puppy cosmetic that they can carry on their back, a mount trophy, and the “Initial Casualty” and “Early Voyager” titles. Do note that the world boss Ashava is time-gated as she spawns only every 3 hours, starting from May 13th at 9 AM PT. Downing her will also be much more difficult as legendary items will be much rarer in the server slam, and the max level is much lower.

There are also many changes due to fan feedback, such as Barbarians getting a flat passive damage reduction, Druid companions dealing much more damage, the Necromancer’s Corpse Explosion has been toned down, and tweaks to the Sorceror’s Lightning Skills. Keep this in mind when trying out your old build, as your character may perform quite differently from the previous beta periods.

Stay tuned for more Diablo 4 Guides and be sure to drop by our Twitch Channel if you have questions about the game. What are your thoughts on this Diablo IV Beta Beginner Guide? Will you be participating in the Beta? And if so, which Class are you going to try out first? Let us know in the comments below! For more Diablo IV content, be sure to check out our Diablo IV Beta Class Guide: Which Class To Play?

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