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Diablo 4 Summoner Druid Build – Pulverizing Werebear

Diablo 4 Summoner Druid Build – Pulverizing Werebear – In this Diablo 4 Druid Class Build Guide I’ll show you how to play my Pulverizing Werebear Build, which is a melee focused Diablo IV Summoner Druid Build that uses Pulverize to decimate enemies in one Overpowered swing, as well as use Companions like Wolves, Ravens and Vine Creeper in combat. If you’ve been looking for a good Diablo 4 Summoner Druid Build that focuses on the use of Companions then this Guide is for you!

Diablo 4 Summoner Druid Build – Pulverizing Werebear

The general strategy for this Diablo 4 Summoner Druid Build is to lead off with an Overpowered Pulverize often wiping out an entire pack of enemies in one swing or close to it, and then follow up with Ravens, Vine Creeper or Hurricane (or all of them) to finish off groups in a hurry.

Overpower is an interesting mechanic in Diablo IV that lets you deal Way more damage than you would normally, deal, even more than a Critical Attack, but it has certain conditions that must be met in order to activate which I will explain in the Pulverize section.

You can tell your attacks are Overpowered by the blue damage text

Maintaining close to max HP is vital for this Build because that’s how you’re going to get Overpowered Pulverize attacks regularly, which drastically boost its damage, so we’ve also added Earthen Bulwark to this Build to help mitigate damage, and we’ve added Life on Kill bonuses to our gear as well.

Additionally, summons work a bit differently in Diablo IV, and they all have a passive and active effect, which we’ll make full use of, but I’ll get into exactly how and what they do down below.

Diablo 4 Summoner Druid Build –  Pulverizing Werebear Skill Distribution

Each Diablo 4 Summoner Druid Build is made up of the 6 Active Skills they have equipped and changing these Skills can drastically change the way a Diablo 4 Druid Build plays. In this section we’ll take a look at what Skills you should slot for the Pulverizing Werebear Diablo 4 Summoner Build. Your Skill distribution should look something like this:

Skill Points Spent
 Maul  1
 Enhanced Maul  1
 Fierce Maul  1
 Pulverize  5
 Enhanced Pulverize  1
 Primal Pulverize  1
 Earthen Bulwark  1
 Enhanced Earthen Bulwark  1
 Innate Earthen Bulwark  1
 Wolves  2
 Enhanced Wolf Pack  1
 Ferocious Wolf Pack  1
 Vine Creeper  2
 Enhanced Vine Creeper  1
 Ferocious Vine Creeper  1
 Ravens  1
 Enhanced Ravens  1
 Ferocious Ravens  1
 Hurricane  1

The above list gives you the general order to invest in Skills, but keep in mind that you should prioritize picking up new Skills over investing in passives, so pick up passives later if you can get new Skills when you level up.

How to Handle Packs of Enemies

The strategy for handling enemies is a bit different than Bosses, and I even suggest swapping Wolves for Hurricane when facing trash enemies, but I’ll get into that in just a second. First let’s talk about Pulverize, the namesake of this Build, and why it’s so important.


The idea when handling groups of enemies is that you lead off with an Overpowered Pulverize if you have the Spirit already built up. Because we have the Enhanced Pulverize passive, Pulverize will hit like an absolute freight train once every 10 seconds as long as we maintain over 80% max HP during that time. This often one shots just about every normal enemy and below, and severely weakens anything else that’s still alive, and this effect should be off “cooldown” on just about every pull.

However, if you drop below 80% HP at any time during the cooldown for this effect, it will stop cooling down and won’t begin again until you are over 80% HP. This makes it vital to stay above 80% HP as much as possible, and why Max Life, healing and Barriers are great for this Build, so that you can get the mega damage from this every 10 seconds without interruption. So make sure to keep an eye on your Health!

Diablo 4 Summoner Druid Build - Pulverize

Overpower damage is extra damage equal to the sum of the player’s current and Fortified Life, and has a native 3% chance to occur naturally when attacking, but can be increased. Because Enhanced Pulverize does this guaranteed if you’re over 80% HP, this is particularly deadly, and synergizes well with how Overpower works, since you need high HP to get the most of it anyway. But if you’re wondering why you see Overpower (blue numbers) damage some times when not using Pulverize, this is why.


Maul is your Basic Attack Spirit generator and you’ll use this when you don’t have enough Spirit to use Pulverize. It hits in a cone in front of you, so aim for the center of groups of enemies. It has an extremely slow Attack Speed, so I highly recommend using the Rapid Aspect with this Build in order to attack more quickly when using this Skill, otherwise it tends to feel a bit sluggish. You will need to use it in order to generate Spirit, so either be ok with slower Attack Speed, or use this Aspect.

Diablo 4 Summoner Druid Build - Maul

Vine Creeper

When facing large groups of enemies with this Diablo 4 Summoner Druid Build, that Pulverize just won’t reach all of, Vine Creeper is the answer. Lead off with this to Immobilize enemies and Poison them simultaneously. This skill is hands down one of the best Druid Skills in Diablo 4 and just about every Diablo IV Druid Build should be running it!

Once you’ve cast  Vine Creeper run in and Pulverize as close to the center of the group as you can, or begin attacking with Maul to build Spirit and then use Pulverize if you don’t have enough Spirit to use Pulverize first. You can also use Earthen Bulwark before going in, to make sure your Health doesn’t go down, but it shouldn’t be as necessary if things are already CCed.

Diablo 4 Summoner Druid Build - Vine Creeper

Earthen Bulwark

Often times before running into more dangerous packs of enemies I’ll use Earthen Bulwark to protect me from damage, helping to ensure I can fire off Pulverize before going below 80% max HP, so I don’t lose the Overpower buff. It doesn’t last very long, but you can get the Aspect of Mending Stone to double its duration to 6 seconds making it much more effective, so I highly recommend doing so. I also like to modify this Skill with Innate Earthen Bulwark to further add AoE damage when the shield expires or is broken, which is more and more often as you increase in level.


Hurricane is an optional Skill for this Diablo 4 Summoner Druid Build, but I just find it works so much better than Wolves for big groups of enemies. It casts a large AoE of Wind that moves with you dealing damage to enemies hit by it for 8 seconds. This allows you to use something like Vine Creeper and then move into the enemies with Earthen Bulwark up and Hurricane them all to death quite easily and if that doesn’t work an Overpowered Pulverize surely will. More AoE is better, so consider using this one for Dungeons and on the landscape before fighting Bosses, and then swapping to Wolves when you reach a Boss.

Boss Fights

Wolves and Ravens really shine during Boss fights, allowing you to damage the boss from afar and to set Vulnerable. This is particularly good against tough Bosses that are hard to melee, and you won’t always need to employ this strategy, but early on in the game you simply won’t be able to face tank anything as a Werebear, so hit and run is a valid strategy. Summons recently got a buff as well, and deal more damage than in previous builds of Diablo IV, so this is even better now than before.


As I just mentioned you should swap to Wolves before going into Boss fights. These bad doggies can tank Bosses with ease, and should one of them die, they will just respawn with full HP, allowing them to tank it once again. There are a lot of tough Bosses in Diablo 4, and this Skill can make them MUCH easier for you. Use your Wolves attack at every turn and throw up Ravens as well, ducking in and out of combat.


Ravens deal damage periodically to enemies passively, but they can also be cast as an AoE damage over time effect which is good for Bosses and trash pulls alike. Once you have the Ferocious Ravens upgrade the active skill will also apply Vulnerable to enemies struck by it, allowing you to deal increased damage to them. This can help speed up fights, and works very well in boss encounters. Setting Vulnerable with Ravens before using Pulverize can further boosts its damage, and is a nice synergy.

Final Tips

Bonuses you want to look for are Critical Strike ChanceOverpower DamageDamage to Close EnemiesDamage to Vulnerable EnemiesDamage to Healthy EnemiesWillpowerLife on Kill. Overpower Damage is huge for this Build because we take advantage of it constantly with our Overpowered Pulverize attack, so you really can’t get this too high. Life on Kill is also nearly a must since you need to stay topped off in order to pull this off, so stack this on your gear as well for easy healing that comes naturally from your attacks anyway.

Shepherd’s Aspect is a great Legendary Aspect for this Diablo 4 Summoner Druid Build because it increases the damage of Pulverize based on how many Companions you have, and since we use all 3 this is a lot of damage you gain. Try to get this one as soon as you can.

Lastly, Aspect of the Ursine Horror will actually change Pulverize to an Earth Skill which is great, but more importantly it adds tectonic spikes that continue to deal damage for 2 seconds after you cast it. This will greatly increase your Pulverize damage, so this on is a must. Get it ASAP!

Be sure to check out our Diablo 4 Wiki for any other questions you have about the game and the Builds page if you are looking for more Diablo IV Builds, as well as our Getting Started Guide and Best Class to Play in the Beta Guide if you are looking for more Diablo 4 content!

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