Diablo IV Launch Trailer Teases the Wrath of Lilith
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Diablo IV Launch Trailer Teases the Wrath of Lilith

Diablo IV continues the hype train by releasing a story trailer and lore miniseries. We get to see Lilith and the history of Sanctuary.

Diablo IV Launch Trailer Teases the Wrath of Lilith

The Blizzard marketing team in charge of Diablo IV definitely knows their stuff. Questionable music aside, the recent trailers have been a great drip feed of precious hype. This time, we get a full cinematic trailer that focuses on the wrath of our blessed mother, Lilith.

Additionally, our friendly huntsman in the middle of the wood, Lorath, gives us a much-needed refresher on the history of the universe, Sanctuary, and everything in between. 

Hail Lilith, Blessed Mother

As far as everyone is aware, the entire Diablo universe has been at war, thanks to what is called The Eternal Conflict. Angels and demons are the forerunners of this fight, as they live and die in an attempt to overtake the other side. Lilith, on the other hand, is revealed to be a wild card. She serves no side and has only her interests at heart. 

Diablo IV - Just Trust Me, Bro
Just Trust Me, Bro

The Diablo IV story trailer opens up with Lilith appearing at a church, beckoning humanity to follow her. She tries to convince the populace that the lords of Hell are coming into Sanctuary, eager for our ruin. But we do know that as of Diablo III, our Nephalem heroes were tricked into collecting those souls into the Black Soulstone only to give birth to the Prime Evil. As we were victorious in sealing away the Lords of Hell, they should no longer be a threat. 

Diablo IV - Is That a Soulstone
Is That a Soulstone

But Lilith does what she wants. It looks like she hasn’t come back to Sanctuary in order to liberate her children. Instead, she intends to “empower” them in some way. Her motivations aren’t entirely clear just yet, but it does make for an interesting way to set the stage. 

Outside of this, we have Inarius and his loyalists as they march into the gates of Hell itself. Again, the leaders of Hell have been slain and tucked away, so the armies of the underworld should be in disarray. There must be other evils in play here that we don’t quite understand.  

The Eternal Conflict

So, why’s everyone fighting all the time? Wouldn’t it be better if everyone just got along? Well, not quite. The Diablo IV team has also been working on a “Book of Lorath” mini-series on YouTube to accompany the hardcover lore book available in print. Here, we have our little Horadrim friend explain to us the history of Creation, heaven, and hell, and how humanity came to be. 

Diablo IV -  The Most Dysfunctional Family Tree Ever
The Most Dysfunctional Family Tree Ever

It all began with Anu, the first-ever sentient being. Anu was perfection made manifest and possessed all of the qualities that there ever were, and that will ever be. It was both good and evil housed in one essence. However, Anu desired to cast off the evil side of his being, which it separated from itself. But as the evil came from an immortal being, it did not disappear. The evil took on a form of its own in the shape of Tathamet. 

Anu and Tathamet battled for millennia which eventually led to each other’s demise. From their broken remains rose new races. Anu heralded the Angels and Archangels of the Angiris Council. Each of Tathamet’s seven heads became a lord of Hell – Diablo, Mephisto, Baal, Belial, Azmodan, Duriel, and Andariel.

Children of Sanctuary

Both forces fought for eons trying to take control of the Worldstone which was formed from the battle of Tathamet and Anu. When an angel or demon dies, they are never truly dead, as their souls are eventually reborn. This is why the Eternal Conflict is just that – eternal. Many have thus become weary of the senseless conflict against the same foes over and over again with neither gaining an upper hand. 

Diablo IV - The Creation of Sanctuary
The Creation of Sanctuary

Two of the most influential dissidents were Inarius, a confidant of Tyrael, and Lilith, daughter of Mephisto. The pair grew close and worked together to steal the Wordlstone, which they used to create a place far from the Eternal Conflict – a literal Sanctuary

And there was peace, for a time. This is where they, along with other rebellious angels and demons, gave birth to the Firstborn who were part angel and part demon. This sparked concerns among many within their ranks that these firstborns, also called Nephalem, would eventually be powerful enough to overthrow both Heaven and Hell. A debate was started on whether to let them live, or die. 

Driven mad by the possible execution of her children, Lilith slew everyone who would do them harm. Inaruis discovered this and exiled her while also cursing humanity by dampening their powers by way of the Worldstone. 

Now, the Worldstone lies in ruins thanks to Baal, and all the prime evils are slain. Lilith has returned to Sanctuary, and her motives are unknown. And that’s the stage for our tale now in Diablo IV. 

Diablo IV – Stay a While, and Listen

Things look like they’re shaping up quite well for Diablo IV. There are questions about whether it will deliver, whether it will have a smoother launch than Diablo III, and whether the post-launch content and seasonal updates will be any good. But from what we saw in the Server Slam and Open Betas, we should be in for a treat. 

Diablo IV - Don't Worry, the Spears Will Keep Me Safe
Don’t Worry, the Spears Will Keep Me Safe

Be sure to stay a while and listen while you visit our Diablo IV Wiki and Diablo IV Guides to get an idea of how you’ll be starting your journey in Sanctuary

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