Blue Protocol Release Delayed to 2024 in the West
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Blue Protocol Release Delayed to 2024 in the West

Publisher Bandai Namco Online has announced that the online Action-RPG Blue Protocol will launch on June 14th for Japan but will be launching in 2024 in the west.

Blue Protocol Release Delayed to 2024 in the West

Announced this week, Blue Protocol will be launching on June 14th but only for Japan. According to publisher Bandai Namco Online, the game won’t be coming west until 2024. For the western release Amazon Games is publishing the title for PS5, Xbox Series and PC via Steam. A closed beta test is expected in 2023.

What is Blue Protocol?

In case you missed it, Blue Protocol combines the multiplayer world of online action RPG with cel-shaded anime visuals. Characters are full customisable, letting players express their creative freedom to their heart’s content. Five classes are expected to be available at launch Blade Warden, Twin Striker, Keen Strider, Spell Weaver and Foe Breaker.

The game follows the heroic adventure through the world of Regnas. All is not well in Regnas as it’s on the brink of destruction (isn’t it always?) due to its overuse of tech causing conflict. Journeying through this epic land, players will face powerful enemies. Along the way discover the beautiful world and meet memorable characters along the way.

Coming West in 2024

Blue Protocol looks to be a mash-up of Final Fantasy 14 if it collided with the cel-shaded visuals of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Offering players high customisation when it comes to characters is a big win, especially such MMOs as Final Fantasy 14 where the possibilities are endless. Adding in an anime aesthetic will surely appeal to JRPG fans out there.

Unfortunately, international players will need to hold out until next year to get their hands on this stunning game. It was previously announced the title would be hitting worldwide in 2023, but its looks like it’s not quite ready to be going international just yet. Amazon Games has quite the busy schedule as they have few projects in the works, most recently announcing a Lord of the Rings MMO.

You can check out the Japanese live stream for Blue Protocol which previewed some of its action gameplay and aesthetically pleasing locations below.

Blue Protocol’s live stream previewed some gameplay and announced the online Action-RPG will release in Japan June 14th.

Blue Protocol launches June 14th for Japan. Coming west in 2024 for PS5, Xbox Series and PC via Steam.

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