Summer Game Fest Promises “Big” Announcements and World Premieres
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Summer Game Fest Promises “Big” Announcements and World Premieres

In a recent interview with Summer Game Fest show host an producer Geoff Keighley, “big” announcements have been promised along with world premieres.

Summer Game Fest Promises “Big” Announcements and World Premieres

It’s that time again…well almost that time. We’re edging closer to June’s big main event, the Summer Game Fest 2023. This year seems like it’s not going to disappoint as show host and producer Geoff Keighley has already teased some “pretty big” announcements are coming our way.

In a recent interview on the Epic Games Store, Keighley gave a few hints for what is in store for the Summer Game Fest this year. How many major announcements can we count on? According to the article Keighley mentioned possibly three or four “pretty big” things.

Usually in the past June has been host to E3 over the years, but as it called it quits this year, Summer Game Fest seems to be the next major event. Taking such a hallowed spot means big shoes to fill, and it looks like this year will be following through. The conference is usually the space for major announcements, game reveals, updates and more. We could be in for a few surprises. In 2021 we got gameplay and release date for FromSoftware’s Elden Ring.

Summer Game Fest 2021 gave way to Elden Ring’s release and gameplay. What could be in store for us this year?

Summer Game Fest and The Game Awards

Keighley has two major shows during the year, the second being The Game Awards which takes place towards the end. How the shows differ he explained while The Game Awards is usually a barrage of “trailer, trailer, announcement, announcement.” The Summer Game Fest on the other hand provides an opportunity to have a sit down with developers and showcase games.

While everyone will be able to watch the event livestreamed, Keighley explained that in-person experience also is crucial. But don’t feel left out if you aren’t able to attend as there will be some “games and demos” for those at home to try. According to the producer the consumer experience is “limited to the live show”.

So far we have confirmations for a Ubisoft Forward, Xbox Games Showcase, Playstation Showcase happening this week to kick off the season, and more to come.

Summer Game Fest will be taking place at the YouTube Theater in L.A starting June 8th at 3PM ET lasting roughly two hours. Expect plenty of announcements which you keep up with here on Fextralife.

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