Elden Ring Wins Best Game Writing at Nebula Awards
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Elden Ring Wins Best Game Writing at Nebula Awards

Picking up yet another award, Elden Ring snaps up Game Writing accolade at the Nebula Awards.

Elden Ring Wins Best Game Writing at Nebula Awards

When you think Elden Ring just can’t win any more awards, you’d be wrong. The Action-RPG has just won another, this time a Nebula award for Best Game Writing. Adding to the mountain of awards it won last year, Elden Ring continues to gain more titles.

Elden Ring wins Best Game Writing at the Nebula Awards.
Best Game Writing – Elden Ring – Nebula Awards

Going Nebula

The Nebula Awards are an annual ceremony that commemorates the best of science fiction and fantasy. In the past, the award has gone to the likes of The Outer Worlds which received the 2019 award and Hades for 2020. This year Elden Ring grabs this title, beating out the competition with the likes of Pentiment, Journeys through the Radiant Citadel, Stay, Vampire: The Masquerade – Sins of the Sires and Horizon Forbidden West.

Looking at that list of nominees, the genres stretch far and wide. It’s quite the challenge to compare a dark fantasy with lore developed by G.R.R. Martin, to the others in the list. However, it reigns supreme with a new accolade under its already heavy belt. This isn’t the first Nebula for Martin though, he has in the past gained three awards but this is his first as a co-writer with FromSoftware’s Hidetaka Miyazaki.

We await more news on Elden Ring’s upcoming expansion Shadow of the Erdtree.

Elden Ring has stacked up quite the number of wins, with last year gaining more GOTY awards compared to the previous most wins The Last of Us 2. The game also raked in four golden joystick awards. But most importantly it gained a sparkly Game of the Year Award 2022 from us in our 2022 GOTY Fexy Awards – The Best Games of 2022.

We are awaiting its first major expansion Shadow of the Erdtree which was sneakily announced earlier in February.

If you’re still yet to set foot in the Lands Between you can check out our Elden Ring Review. For all those who are tarnished drop by our wiki and check out our builds.

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