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Best 10 Spells in BG3

The best spells that everyone should use in BG3

All Races & Subraces

Optimize your character & Roleplaying with this guide

Character Creation

How to personalize your character and maximize your performance

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BG3 Thief Rogue Build

Baldur’s Gate 3 Thief Rogue Build Guide

Diablo IV Announces One More Beta This May

New Beta Guide

Everything about the Server Slam Beta for Diablo 4

Diablo IV Characters

Legendary Aspects

Transform any Rare into a Legendary with this guide

Best Build for You

The Best Builds for Any Class in Diablo IV

All Skills Guide

Skills for every Class in D4

Spears are OP!

Why spears are actually the best weapon in Elden Ring

Haima Hoplite Build

Spear & Shield Build playable all game long and into NG+

Patch 1.09 Changes

Learn of all the changes added with the latest patch

Elden Ring Map

Navigate the world of Elden Ring with our Interactive Map

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