Rumour: Alan Wake 2 Releasing October 2023
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Rumour: Alan Wake 2 Releasing October 2023

A particular voice actor may have let slip the sequel Alan Wake 2 is releasing October 2023.

Rumour: Alan Wake 2 Releasing October 2023

The sequel to the detective survival horror, Alan Wake 2 looks like it could be getting an October release date. According to a recent podcast for Monsters, Madness and Magic which featured Matthew Porretta the voice actor of Alan Wake, they may have let slip the release window.

In response to whether voice acting was something Porretta pursued naturally or was a career pursuit, the actor explained what he was working on. He mentioned being in Finland recently to work on Alan Wake 2 as this is where the studio Remedy is from. He also shared it’s “supposed to come out in October”.

Whether this is a confirmed release window is too soon to tell. Since there has been no official release window or date announced but is expected to be out this year in 2023, we need to take this candid response with a pinch of salt.

I’ve been working on it—that’s supposed to come out in October. We’re in the middle of working on it now. In fact I was just in Finland last week. That’s where the company’s from—Remedy—amazing people.”

Matthew Porretta, Alan Wake Voice Actor

The Return of Alan Wake

Previously Remedy had also announced a sequel for the mystery thriller was in the works at The Game Awards 2021. Creative Director Sam Lake also shared that this would be Remedy’s first “survival horror game” with psychological layers and deep mystery. If it’s anything like the first, hopefully we’ll be getting more episodes of Night Springs, Alan Wake’s fictional TV show that appears throughout the game.

Earlier this year a small update from Remedy shared Alan Wake 2 was “playable from start to finish”.

We have yet to get the next glimpse of Alan Wake 2, as the previous reveal got delayed. As we draw near to big gaming events such as the Summer Game Fest, maybe we’ll be seeing an update or two soon. Remedy celebrated Alan Wake’s 13th birthday this May so something could be around the corner. Until then, watch this space.

Alan Wake 2 is currently in development for PC via Epic Games, PS5 and Xbox Series.

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