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Honkai: Star Rail Clara Build Guide

Honkai: Star Rail Clara Build Guide – In this Honkai: Star Rail Clara Build Guide, I’m going to share my Clara Build to destroy enemies while countering their attacks. I’ll be discussing the Stats and Skills you should pay attention to, the Light Cones and Relics to strive for, and the Companions to pick in order to make Clara shine in combat. If you want to effectively tank damage on top of dealing consistent Physical Damage across the board, then this Level 40 Clara Build Guide is for you!

Honkai: Star Rail Clara Build Guide

Clara is a 5-star character who performs two major roles at the same time – one who deals great Physical Damage and another who tanks a ton of damage on behalf of the team. Thanks to her good relationship with Svarog, he consistently manages to protect her from taking too much damage that she can’t handle. Additionally, he launches effective counterattacks to harm enemies should they remain too pesky. 

Honkai Star Rail Clara in Combat

To make Clara’s team the best there is, you’ll need characters who will deal sufficient damage alongside her, buff damage dealers at all times, and provide adequate protection. To act as a secondary DPS, you’ll want Welt or Pela. They are dependable debuffers who can significantly weaken targets. Next is Tingyun who boosts an ally’s damage and gives back a portion of their Energy to be able to trigger their Ultimate Ability frequently. And finally, there’s March 7th who can summon a shield to help Clara absorb more damage.

Honkai: Star Rail Clara Build Guide – Stats And Eidolons

In this Honkai: Star Rail Clara Build, Clara follows the Destruction Path so like the Physical Trailblazer, for instance, she’s not only capable of dealing considerable Physical Damage but also surviving a lot of the hits inflicted on her. But what’s different about this character is she’s under the protection of Svarog, which means that the damage she ends up absorbing is often lower than expected. This is also due to the Damage Reduction buff brought about by her Talent and Ultimate Ability. And as the main DPS of the team, it’s best to invest in the usual Crit Rate, Crit Damage, and Attack.

Honkai Star Rail Clara Build Guide

Raising these main stats will give her a distinct advantage in terms of dealing massive burst Physical Damage in addition to the damage over time (DoT) she inflicts when enemies are afflicted with Bleed. Since her Physical Damage scales with Attack, you’ll want to keep boosting this stat.

For substats, aside from continuously investing in Crit and Attack, you’ll want to increase HP, DEF, and Break Effect. HP and DEF improve Clara’s survivability whereas Break Effect ensures that the burst damage and DoT she deals even after her target’s Toughness hits 0, will still remain effective and deadly. Pushing this stat higher will allow her to effectively obliterate them one after the other in rapid succession.

When it comes to Clara’s Eidolons, you’d want to ideally unlock all 6 to make the most out of this character. The ones that should take top priority are Long Company at Level 6, A Tight Embrace at Level 2, and A Tall Figure at Level 1. Long Company makes it so that Svarog will be more likely to perform a follow-up attack against any ally’s attacker and tag them with Mark of Counter to take great damage. It’s a decent team-wide reaction to protect themselves well against incoming attacks. What’s more, is that when Clara activates her Ultimate, her Enhanced Counters can be triggered for up to 3x to deal significant Physical Damage for a longer period of time.

Long Company Eidolon at Level 6

Next is A Tight Embrace, which rewards her further after using her Ultimate. Here, her Attack will be boosted for the next 2 turns. And finally, there’s A Tall Figure. A Tall Figure will prevent the removal of any Marks of Counter on a target even after Clara activates her Skill. As such, they’ll continue to receive high amounts of Physical Damage throughout the encounter.

Honkai: Star Rail Clara Build Guide – Skills And Traces

In this section, we’ll talk about Clara’s Skills and Traces together with what you should prioritize in combat.

  • Because We’re Family (Talent) – This is an extremely potent passive that highlights Svarog’s protection for Clara. Not only will she be granted Damage Reduction but also, he’ll execute a powerful follow-up attack or Counter when she’s hit and mark them with Mark of Counter. Mark of Counter allows Clara to deal double the Physical Damage. To improve her Because We’re Family Talent, you’ll want to gain access to the Revenge, Under Protection, and Kinship Abilities as well as HP Boosts to live longer in combat. Revenge considerably raises Svarog’s Counter Damage whereas Under Protection boosts the chances to improve Clara’s resistance against crowd control techniques. And lastly, Kinship provides her with a window of possibility every time she gets hit, to remove any debuff she’s afflicted with.
Because We’re Family (Talent)
  • A Small Price for Victory (Technique) – This is an engage technique that increases the chances of taunting enemies for 2 turns. The more attacks Clara receives early on, the better. Aside from Svarog’s Counter, they’ll be marked with Mark of Counter to make them prime targets for her devastating Physical Damage.
  • I Want to Help (Basic ATK) – This is a regular attack that lets Clara deal damage against a single target. There’s nothing special about I Want to Help, instead, it’ll only help with skill point acquisition. 
  • Svarog Watches Over You (Skill) – This is an AoE Skill that allows Clara to deal massive Physical Damage while dealing 2x the damage against those who receive Mark of Counter from Svarog. As long as you have the A Tall Figure Eidolon, all Marks of Counter won’t be removed after using this Svarog Watches Over You Skill. To improve her damage further, be sure to unlock the ATK Boost and DMG Boost: Physical Traces.
Svarog Watches Over You (Skill)
  • Promise, Not Command (Ultimate) – This is a wonderful Ultimate that further reduces the damage Clara receives while boosting the chances of getting attacked herself. What’s more, is that Svarog’s follow-up attack becomes Enhanced for up to 2x, allowing him to help the rest of the team. When they’re attacked, Svarog additionally deals massive Physical Damage even against surrounding enemies. 

Honkai: Star Rail Clara Build Guide – Light Cones

When it comes to Light Cones, the ones you’ll want to chase after for Clara’s kit are Collapsing Sky, The Moles Welcome You, and Something Irreplaceable. Collapsing Sky is a 3-star Light Cone that raises Clara’s I Want to Help Basic ATK and Svarog Watches Over You Skill Damage. Since Collapsing Sky is very common, it’s good to superimpose it by as much as Superimposition 5 and to ascend it up to Level 35 until you get ahold of The Moles Welcome You.

The Moles Welcome You is a good 4-star Light Cone that encourages Clara to make use of any of her abilities whether it’s Basic ATK, Skill, or Ultimate Ability. Every time she does, she gains 1 Mischievous stack, which translates into an Attack buff. As such, this Light Cone pushes her DPS capabilities to the limit to be able to destroy enemies as often as she can.

Honkai Star Rail Clara Guide - The Moles Welcome You (4-Star Light Cone)

Last but not least is the 5-star Light Cone that’s best suited for Clara, namely Something Irreplaceable. Not only will her Attack be significantly enhanced but also, every time she either slays an enemy or gets hit, her damage increases. Furthermore, a large chunk of her HP will be restored, and it scales with Clara’s high Attack %. It’s worth noting that even though these effects won’t stack, they still contribute to her magnificent overall damage and survivability.

Honkai Star Rail Clara Guide - Something Irreplaceable (5-Star Light Cone)

Honkai: Star Rail Clara Build Guide – Relics

In terms of Relics, it’s important to remember that for the Head and Hands, your character gets a flat HP and Attack bonus, respectively. This isn’t the case for the Body and Feet, which are comprised of random stats such as Crit and Attack. Ideally, you’d want to equip 4-star Relics since they provide 2-3 substats in addition to their main stat. But remember that regardless of the rating, enhancing them for every 3 levels will yield a random substat. For a Level 40 Clara, it’s enough to level up her Relics to a maximum of +6 for 4-star gear until you get their 5-star versions to reserve enough resources by then.

For Clara’s Relics, you’ll only need to wear one 4-piece set, particularly the Champion of Streetwise Boxing. Not only does this considerably boost her Physical Damage but also enhances her Attack by up to 5x, which is triggered when she either attacks or gets hit by an enemy. Again, every damage and Attack boost is essential to push Clara’s damage even more.

Honkai Star Rail Clara Guide - Champion of Streetwise Boxing Set

You can farm the Champion of Streetwise Boxing Set from the Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Jabbing Punch. For the Champion’s Chest Guard and Fleetfoot Boots, you’ll want to be on the lookout for Crit and Attack, followed by HP, DEF, and Break Effect.

Team Composition

In Honkai: Star Rail, you’ll have all four characters available while combat is ongoing so you won’t be swapping from one to the next. There also won’t be elemental pools left behind. Instead, you’ll focus on the enemy’s weaknesses to deplete their Toughness and HP accordingly. For this Clara Guide, I’ll be sharing the best characters to go with her and how effective their capabilities are for this build.

Team Composition for Clara

Since Clara will be the main DPS in your team, you’ll want someone who can serve as a secondary or sub damage dealer on top of inflicting debuffs to weaken enemies. The best characters to fulfill this role are Welt or Pela of the Nihility Path. Welt is extraordinary in the sense that he can slow them down and render their abilities useless thanks to the Imprisonment effect. Comparatively, Pela can lower their defenses to be able to absorb more damage than expected. She’s also adept at freezing targets to immobilize them momentarily.

Clara Build Guide - Welt in Combat

Next, I highly recommend picking Tingyun of the Harmony Path. She’s an exceptional buffer, often boosting the Attack and damage ratings of allies on top of restoring a large portion of their Energy thanks to the Amidst the Rejoicing Clouds Ultimate. Tingyun is someone you can definitely rely on to consistently provide buffs throughout encounters.

Clara Build Guide - Tingyun in Combat

Last but not least, you’ll want to go for the free-to-play Preservation Path character, March 7th. The good thing about March 7th is she can deal a substantial amount of Ice Damage as well as conjure one shield at a time for allies. This will be crucial, especially in Clara’s case to further raise her Damage Reduction and tank more damage. 

Clara Build Guide - March 7th in Combat

Final Tips

Clara is an impeccable 5-star character who’s able to carry her team to victory because of her capacity to deal huge Physical Damage and soak in a lot of the enemy’s attacks without folding. In terms of skill rotation, you’ll be prioritizing the Promise, Not Command Ultimate Ability to increase the chances of getting attacked. This is important for Svarog to not only deal Enhanced Counter later on but also to tag them with Mark of Counter so they’ll receive much more damage. You’ll then be supplementing this with the Svarog Watches Over You Skill to inflict double the Physical Damage against marked targets to destroy them quickly. 

Clara Promise, Not Command Ultimate Ability
Clara’s Promise, Not Command Ultimate Ability

If you manage to pull Gepard, you’d be better off with him than March 7th. This is due to his amazing Ice damage-dealing capabilities that lets him freeze enemies. But more than that, he has the power to conjure multiple shields at once using Enduring Bulwark Ultimate. As such, he’s able to protect everyone on the team more effectively.

Clara Build Guide - Gepard Enduring Bulwark Ultimate Ability

Lastly, when it comes to Planetary Ornaments, remember to select the Space Sealing Station. This will not only increase Clara’s Attack but also give it an extra boost when her Speed reaches a specific threshold.

Stay tuned for more Honkai: Star Rail Character Guides and be sure to drop by our Twitch Channel if you have questions about the game. For more Honkai: Star Rail content, check Serval Build Guide, Qingque Build Guide, Dan Heng Build Guide, Arlan Build Buide, Sushang Build Guide, Tingyun Build Guide, Pela Build Guide, Hook Build Guide, Bronya Build Guide, Asta Build Guide, Natasha Build Guide, March 7th Build Guide, Welt Build Guide, Seele Build Guide, Sampo Build Guide, Yanqing Build Guide, Gepard Build Guide.

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