Honkai: Star Rail Himeko Build Guide
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Honkai: Star Rail Himeko Build Guide

Honkai: Star Rail Himeko Build Guide – In this Honkai: Star Rail Himeko Build Guide, I’m going to share my Himeko Build to effectively burn enemies to the ground. I’ll be discussing the Stats and Skills you should pay attention to, the Light Cones and Relics to strive for, and the Companions to pick in order to make Himeko a dependable main DPS in combat. If you want to consistently inflict Weakness Break and deal massive AoE Fire Damage, then this Level 40 Himeko Build Guide is for you!

Honkai: Star Rail Himeko Build Guide

Himeko is a 5-star character who is highly skilled at inflicting Weakness Break while dealing huge AoE Fire Damage against all enemies. What makes her an excellent main DPS is her ability to also inflict Burn to effectively deal additional Fire Damage in the form of damage over time (DoT). To make her shine even more, she’ll need to receive consistent Attack buffs throughout the encounter.

Honkai Star Rail Himeko in Combat

What would make Himeko’s team successful are characters such as Pela, Tingyun, and Natasha. Pela is an adept debuffer who is more than capable of shredding the defenses of multiple foes. Next is Tingyun who is in charge of boosting the damage dealers’ Attacks on top of restoring their Energy. And finally, there’s Natasha who is able to restore everyone’s HP in a heartbeat.

Honkai: Star Rail Himeko Build Guide – Stats And Eidolons

In this Honkai: Star Rail Himeko Build, Himeko follows the Erudition Path, which allows her to deal considerable damage against several enemies using just a single ability, much like Herta and Serval. But what she does best is to execute a powerful follow-up attack once she gains enough Charges. This is quite similar to Herta’s Fine, I’ll Do It Myself Talent in that they both end up dealing effective AoE damage against several targets on the battlefield. Since Himeko will be your main DPS, you’ll want to make sure to boost Crit Rate, Crit Damage, and Attack the most.

Honkai Star Rail Himeko Build Guide

These main stats will allow her to significantly deal burst Fire Damage as well as Fire DoT, especially when she lands multiple crits. And since her Fire Damage scales with Attack %, this should constantly be boosted.

For substats, you’ll mainly be focusing on Effect Hit Rate and Crit, followed by Break Effect and Attack. I’ve already explained the importance of Crit and Attack so I’ll move on to Effect Hit Rate, which refers to the success rate of inflicting a debuff against a target. In Himeko’s case, you’ll want to inflict the Burn effect to deal as much Fire DoT as possible. When this stat is much higher than the enemy’s Effect Resistance, you’ll most likely apply a debuff. Meanwhile, Break Effect constitutes how much damage they receive once their Toughness is reduced to 0. Will Himeko’s Fire Damage continue to be successful? How much Fire DoT will she be able to deal? A high Break Effect will allow her to slay multiple targets at once to be able to finish encounters faster. 

In terms of Himeko’s Eidolons, you’d ideally want to get 6 more duplicates of this character to build her as effectively as possible. But when it comes to the top priority, it should look something like this: 

E1 → E4 → E6

At Eidolon Level 1, you gain access to Childhood, which significantly boosts her Speed after performing her follow-up attack or Victory Rush. As such, she gets to go up higher in the Action Order to attack more frequently in combat. Next is Dedication at Level 4. Dedication allows Himeko to gain 1 extra Charge upon inflicting Weakness Break against a target by using her Skill. As a result, her Charge meter will be quickly filled up to unleash the deadly Victory Rush sooner rather than later.

Childhood Eidolon at Level 1

And finally, at Level 6, there’s Trailblaze! for her Ultimate to deal damage two more times, thereby inflicting additional burst Fire Damage against random enemies. 

Honkai: Star Rail Himeko Build Guide – Skills And Traces

In this section, we’ll talk about Himeko’s Skills and Traces together with what you should prioritize in combat.

  • Victory Rush (Talent) – This is an incredibly powerful passive that allows Himeko to execute a follow-up attack, which deals great Fire Damage against all enemies. The way Victory Rush works is that she gets 1 Charge point every time she breaks a target’s Toughness. Once all 3 Charges have been accumulated, she will instantly unleash this devastating attack. Aside from the Childhood Eidolon, the trace you’d want to unlock for Victory Rush is Starfire. Starfire increases the chances of inflicting Burn for 2 turns. Once afflicted, they’ll receive significant Fire DoT based on Himeko’s Attack. To improve her Attack and Fire Damage further, you’ll also want to gain access to all ATK Boosts and DMG Boost: Fire, respectively.
Victory Rush (Talent)
  • Incomplete Combustion (Technique) – This impair technique lets Himeko create a dimension to make targets susceptible to taking larger Fire Damage for 2 turns. Incomplete Combustion’s base chance is 100%, which means that as long as their Effect Resistance is much lower compared to Himeko’s Effect Hit Rate, then they’ll most likely receive greater Fire Damage. 
  • Sawblade Tuning (Basic ATK) – This is her regular attack that deals Fire Damage against a single foe. Sawblade Tuning doesn’t have enhancements so you’ll often use it to collect skill points. 
  • Molten Detonation (Skill) – This amazing Skill lets Himeko deal almost 2x the Fire Damage she would with Sawblade Tuning while dealing lesser damage to surrounding enemies. To make Molten Detonation more effective, you’ll want to unlock the Magma Ability, thereby allowing her to deal +20% more damage against those afflicted with Burn. 
Molten Detonation (Skill)
  • Heavenly Flare (Ultimate) – This is Himeko’s Ultimate Ability, which not only lets her deal considerable burst Fire Damage to every enemy on the battlefield but also regenerates a portion of her Energy upon burning them to a crisp. Doing so would allow her to trigger Heavenly Flare more often. 

For Himeko’s remaining Traces, it’ll still be advantageous to gain access to the Benchmark Ability and Effect RES Boost. Benchmark boosts her Crit Rate when she attacks targets whose HP is equal to or greater than 80% whereas Effect RES Boost improves her resistance against debuffs to protect herself from becoming vulnerable to succeeding attacks. As such, Himeko becomes much more resilient in encounters.

Honkai: Star Rail Himeko Build Guide – Light Cones

When it comes to Light Cones, the ones you’ll want to chase after for Himeko’s kit are Databank, Make the World Clamor, and Night on the Milky Way. Databank is a 3-star Light Cone, which considerably boosts her Heavenly Flare Ultimate’s Fire Damage to improve her chances of slaying enemies. Doing so would be extremely beneficial for her to regain a lot of Energy quickly. You can ascend Databank to as high as Level 40.

Next is Make the World Clamor, a 4-star Light Cone that you can pull from the Warp. Not only is it more potent in terms of amplifying the damage of Heavenly Flare but this also grants extra Energy the moment an encounter starts. As such, she’ll be able to trigger her Ultimate sooner. 

Honkai Star Rail Himeko Guide - Make the World Clamor (4-Star Light Cone)

And last but not least, the best 5-star Light Cone for Himeko is the Night on the Milky Way, which you can currently buy from the Starlight Exchange for 600 Undying Starlight. Night on the Milky Way is a great weapon when you’re confronted with several enemies because it increases Himeko’s Attack by up to 5x, and consequently her Fire Damage. What’s more, is that the moment she inflicts Weakness Break, her next damage is significantly amplified, making her very effective in combat.

Honkai Star Rail Himeko Guide - Night on the Milky Way (5-Star Light Cone)

Honkai: Star Rail Himeko Build Guide – Relics

In terms of Relics, it’s important to remember that for the Head and Hands, your character gets a flat HP and Attack bonus, respectively. This isn’t the case for the Body and Feet, which are comprised of random stats such as Crit and Break Effect %. Ideally, you’d want to equip 4-star Relics since they provide 2-3 substats in addition to their main stat. But remember that regardless of the rating, enhancing them for every 3 levels will yield a random substat. For a Level 40 Himeko, it’s enough to level up her Relics to a maximum of +6 for 4-star gear until you get their 5-star versions to reserve enough resources by then.

For Himeko’s Relics, you’ll only need to acquire and wear one 4-piece set, namely the Firesmith of Lava-Forging. It not only increases her Fire Damage but also the damage she deals using the Molten Detonation Skill and the Heavenly Flare Ultimate. You can farm the Firesmith of Lava-Forging Set from the Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Conflagration. For the Firesmith’s Fireproof Apron and Alloy Leg, remember to focus on boosting Crit and Attack, followed by Effect Hit Rate % and Break Effect.

Honkai Star Rail Himeko Guide - Firesmith of Lava-Forging Set

Team Composition

In Honkai: Star Rail, you’ll have all four characters available while combat is ongoing so you won’t be swapping from one to the next. There also won’t be elemental pools left behind. Instead, you’ll focus on the enemy’s weaknesses to deplete their Toughness and HP accordingly. For this Himeko Guide, I’ll be sharing the best characters to go with her and how effective their capabilities are for this build.

Team Composition for Himeko

Since Himeko will be taking on the main DPS role, you’ll want to include a secondary or sub DPS who’s adept at inflicting debuffs. The best Nihility Path character to pair with her is none other than Pela. Pela is an expert at lowering the target’s defenses in addition to removing their buffs using her Zone Suppression Ultimate and Frostbite Skill to weaken them further. This is what Himeko exactly needs to be able to inflict Weakness Break as soon as possible. What’s more, is that Pela can also apply freeze to immobilize enemies, which makes them miss their turns.

Himeko Build Guide - Pela in Combat

Next, you’ll want someone who can consistently boost the Attack of Himeko and Pela. For this, I recommend choosing Tingyun of the Harmony Path. Tingyun is highly effective when it comes to buffing Attack and damage as well as restoring a portion of an ally’s Energy with her Amidst the Rejoicing Clouds Ultimate. 

Himeko Build Guide - Tingyun in Combat

Last but not least, you’ll want a support character whose goal prime goal is to replenish everyone’s HP at a consistent rate, namely Natasha of the Abundance Path. She also gains Energy fast to be able to trigger the Gift of Rebirth Ultimate more frequently in order to save the team.

Himeko Build Guide - Natasha in Combat

Final Tips

Himeko is currently the only 5-star Erudition character who’s incredibly effective at dealing massive AoE Fire Damage. She specializes in inflicting the most amount of carnage possible, especially when the enemies’ Toughness is reduced to 0. For skill rotation, you’ll want to keep saving Energy so she can activate her Heavenly Flare Ultimate often. Doing so would let her deal devastating Fire Damage to every foe on the battlefield. Next is her Molten Detonation Skill, which is particularly effective against Burnt targets. Between these two abilities, she’ll get to immediately perform Victory Rush since they’re more likely to be “Weakness Broken.”

Himeko Heavenly Flare Ultimate Ability
Himeko’s Heavenly Flare Ultimate Ability

A decent alternative to the World Clamor Light Cone is Geniuses’ Repose. Geniuses’ Repose naturally increases Himeko’s Attack. Additionally, every time she slays a target, her Crit Damage is amplified in succeeding turns. Doing so would enable her to kill her next enemies more efficiently than ever before!

Honkai Star Rail Himeko Guide - Geniuses' Repose (4-Star Light Cone)

Lastly, when it comes to Planetary Ornaments, be sure to select the Inert Salsotto. The Inert Salsotto raises her Crit Rate. And when this stat reaches a certain threshold, both her Heavenly Fire Ultimate and Victory Rush follow-up damage will be considerably enhanced.

Stay tuned for more Honkai: Star Rail Character Guides and be sure to drop by our Twitch Channel if you have questions about the game. For more Honkai: Star Rail content, check Serval Build Guide, Qingque Build Guide, Dan Heng Build Guide, Arlan Build Buide, Sushang Build Guide, Tingyun Build Guide, Pela Build Guide, Hook Build Guide, Bronya Build Guide, Asta Build Guide, Natasha Build Guide, March 7th Build Guide, Welt Build Guide, Seele Build Guide, Sampo Build Guide, Yanqing Build Guide, Gepard Build Guide.

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